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Many people are debating if they should choose the Bit Torrent or the uTorrent software. Only a few know that the first software bought the second and created a new version of Bit Torrent that is actually uTorent dressed up and disguised.
In practice, the differences between the programs are small or do not even exist, and you can choose according to the brand you are most familiar with or the logo you want on your desktop.
If you have reached this page (and not to the Bit Torrent's page), we recommend you to save a click by downloading the original and familiar program. You can share files with friends and family, using the program that was much celebrated in recent years, for its speed (main parameter for surfers) and ease of use.

Software Review

uTorrent is a simple, easy to use and no-nonsense file sharing client. Its primary purpose is to allow fast peer-to-peer downloads. uTorrent is free for everyone and has versions for Windows computers. It mainly works with the BitTorrent application.

The uTorrent client can be downloaded online and then installed by running the setup.exe program. uTorrent only works on Windows operating systems. uTorrent acts as the sender and receiver for BitTorrent files and works in partnership with the BitTorrent application.

Visually, uTorrent is nothing much. It's a bare bones interface, with just the essential buttons and design features. You are able to download skins to make the appearance more appealing, but for this, you need to access uTorrent's website directly.

The plain interface is divided into two areas i.e search and display section and the status bar. You can use the search to identify available torrents and download them. The status bar shows you if a download is active, inactive or completed. You can also subscribe for RSS feeds to be regularly updated about new torrents. The interface allows you to add torrent files from URLs or your hard drive and also to create torrent files via the toolbar on top.

uTorrent's Individuality
Torrent downloads are the in-thing nowadays and finding legal torrents can be a challenge. In most countries, downloading copyrighted material is an offense and users are advised to only download legal content.

uTorrent has the technology to 'look' into other computers with shared torrent files and collect pieces of these files from various machines. It then combines them all into one file in the local computer. This allows for high speed downloads and small-sized files. The speed depends on the number of seeders and leechers. In other words, a file downloads faster if you have more people sharing the file and less people downloading it simultaneously.
Managing Content

Once you've downloaded content, you have the options to manage it as you like. At its grassroots level, you can set download and upload speeds and remove files from the program. Going further, you have the option of labeling the content with appropriate keywords. This feature allows you to categorize your content according file type or genre.

Smart Extras
uTorrent's intelligence is what makes it a good addition to your file sharing programs. It uses a very small memory footprint and your computer resources are hardly touched when it's running. It will slow down your internet connection, but that is to be expected when you're downloading files. Interestingly, uTP or uTorrent Protocol can solve this problem by identifying internet traffic jams and slowing down the torrent download until the congestion has disappeared.

The transfer cap is another feature offering users the power to automatically stop torrenting when predetermined download limits are reached.

The App Studio included in the BitTorrent application allows uTorrent users to gather additional content without searching the internet. App Studio has 13 specialized applications for various purposes. Free PC games, social networking and anti-virus software are all part of this extra feature.



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Comparison of Alternative Programs:

Alternatives to uTorrent - Software Comparison Chart:

Description A community backed file sharing software An open source file sharing software program Share large files quickly and anonymously A reliable peer to peer file sharing software
Downloads 17,257 9,015 153,200 25,126
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File Size 2.69 Mb 8.00 Mb 1.10 Mb 3.00 Mb

Astro says:
  • Your files downloading software
  • Quick and not over featured
  • Supports streaming
  • If only it had an integrated player, it would have been the perfect solution

Product Details

Rating: 6 (Users11094)
Ranking in File Sharing: 1
Recently rated on:
License: Free
File size: 1.10 Mb
Last updated: 30/12/2013
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
Languages: German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, More...
Developer: BitTorrent
Download count (English): 582,749
Download count (Worldwide): 1,121,891

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